Intelligent Call Management Solution
Offers tools and functionalities that are most relevant for any industry, integrated with the different software that assists in delivering a seamless customer relationship journey.
powerful insights
ARTIC’s real-time dashboard allows business managers or owners to easily track and control queue status and agent activity.
Handle calls from anywhere
ARTIC supports standard telephone lines, mobile phones or even VOIP calls.

what is artic ?

AVANSER’s Real Time Intelligent Call Center or simply ARTIC, is a cloud based call centre solution providing unprecedented analytics & insight about where your calls came from and how they were handled by your teams in real time. 

ARTIC offers easy management of your phone system to make the customer call journey smooth and pleasant. On top of that, there is no massive investment in hardware required, which makes it highly flexible and scalable to your business needs.  

artic and its benEfits

Cloud based

Set up anywhere worldwide with an internet connection. No additional hardware or software required.​


See how your teams are doing anywhere you have an internet connection. Ideal for unifying multi-site and multi-national teams.

Flexible & Scalable

Unlike traditional systems ARTIC can scale with your business. Start with small teams and call volumes and build to corporate level call centres without needing to upgrade any equipment.​​

Easy to set up

Because ARTIC can easily work with your existing equipment, it can be implemented without disruption. Calls can be received as per normal while the configuration to manage the call flow is in progress to ensure the right people get calls at the right time.

No high risk investment

In contrast to traditional call centre systems where you need to invest a small fortune on software, hardware, setup and licensing fees, with ARTIC you can simply use your existing equipment and scale as your business grows.

work from anywhere

ARTIC lets your team take calls anywhere without the restriction of having to be onsite. Ideal for agents working form home, multi-site teams and international teams.

Real time analytics and insights

ARTIC's clear and intuitive real-time dashboard lets your data do the talking by providing live insights and analytics in the a simple and effective way.

Automate repeating taskS

ARTIC's multiple levels of data access combined with customisable scheduled reports take the effort out of reporting on your call handling teams.

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