The call management solution that works in your environment

ARTIC offers easy management of phone systems that makes the customer call journey smooth, and without the need for massive cost on hardwares

If there is one word to describe the strength of ARTIC it is versatility. With ARTIC, businesses do not need to worry about the additional cost of purchasing compatible equipment – because you don’t have to.  ARTIC works with what you have. It is really that simple. 

ARTIC is SIP ready. AVANSER can supply you with SIP extensions for all of your agents which will allow them to call out either from individual numbers or a shared team number. This allows you complete control of return calls, having them go straight to the individual or funnel them back through your queues.

AVANSER’s SIP extensions let your agents handle calls via their SIP compatible desk phones, or from softphone software on their PCs.

No deskphones? No worries! ARTIC works seamlessly with softphone software on your PC. AVANSER can supply SIP extensions to use with your softphones, or calls can be directed to your existing softphone numbers.

If you are using your existing softphone numbers, you will just need to ensure that each of your agents has a direct number they can be contacted through.

Like the phones you have now? ARTIC can help extend the life of your existing phone system by working over the top of your existing hardware. In a traditional setup if you want to queue callers your phone system needs to have the capacity to handle every caller trying to reach you, and as your business grows your existing hardware will need upgrades and updates to keep pace with your call volumes. When you implement ARTIC you will only ever need enough phone lines to cater for the number of agents you have. ARTIC keeps all of your callers waiting in the cloud until your phone system is ready to receive the call.

ARTIC can send calls through to your existing phone lines, or if you have SIP capable handsets you can use AVANSER’s SIP extensions with your existing hardware to receive calls directly through ARTIC.

Opening up a new site or a new business and prefer the comfort of a desk phone to software on your PC? AVANSER can help source and install phones on site so you can run your business the way that feels comfortable.

We will send one of our technicians to assess your site and recommend the best way to meet your requirements.

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