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Most frequently asked question

Yes. ARTIC can work over the top of your existing equipment, allowing you to add our functionality to your existing setup. This can include your phone system, or even your mobile phones. Phone systems can potentially have call handling in place that might affect ARTIC, but small tweaks to this behaviour is usually all that’s needed for ARTIC to integrate seamlessly. 

Yes outbound call recording is available through ARTIC, just be aware of your privacy commitments.

Once the scoping is complete and the configuration decided, we can normally have ARTIC up and running in under 10 days.

The pricing is based on your usage, we can scale up/down to suit your requirement.

ARTIC can work with your existing equipment and in many cases you won’t need anything you don’t already have. Or, if you are starting from scratch, a computer with a headset and an internet connection is all that’s needed to get started.

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