ARTIC's list of smart features enables better call handling to deliver quality customer experience.

Call Transfer

Call transfer allows agents to pass a call they are handling directly to another agent, queue or external number with ease. The agent can also release the caller from hold to resume the conversation, giving the agent full control on the transfer process. .

Agent Assistant

The Agent Assistant is a floating widget that allows agents to manage their presence in the queue whilst simultaneously navigating the portal. Using the control panel they can log in and out of the queue, start breaks and pauses, initiate outbound calls and more, without hindering access to critical reports.​

Customisable Breaks and Pauses

ARTIC’s customisable breaks and pauses allow for complete freedom in controlling staff adherence to daily rostering schedules. Unlimited flexibility in the purpose and length of breaks and pauses ensures ARTIC fits seamlessly into existing business processes, whilst full status reporting keeps employees accountable.​

Hold Music

With the Hold Music feature, you can include custom messaging and music whilst your customer is on hold. This will enable you to provide the ideal customer experience to the caller.

Caller Status Logging​

ARTIC’s Caller Status Logging allows better logs on caller progression through the ARTIC queues.​ It also provides visibility for both the caller and the agent on how the queues are progressing.

Automatic Return Call

The Automatic Return Call feature captures missed calls and automatically adds them to the queue for the agents to return call. This ensures 100% of your missed calls can be returned while the lead is still hot.

Scheduled Reporting

If you are running the same reports regularly ARTIC has the capability to automate and schedule the reports for you and send them as often as you need.

Email Notification

Have access to AVANSER's full suite of call tracking features. In addition to handling calls well, know what advertising is giving you the best ROI. ​

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