How It Works

Whether you are experienced in setting up call centre environments or this is your  first time, ARTIC sets you up in 5 easy steps. AVANSER will guide you through the process, asking questions and offering advice to help you.


ARTIC is a cloud based solution for all your call centre needs. It enables businesses of any size to adopt a call management system where inbound and outbound calls can be better managed.

At the start of the day agents log into AVANSER’s web based portal and click a button to signal that they are ready to start handling calls. Once ARTIC knows they are ready for calls your agents can go about their day as normal, it’s that simple. If your agents ever need a break they just click a button and ARTIC knows not to pass them calls until they return. While your agent goes about their day ARTIC will capture a range of data about your phone calls, such as the call status, duration, talk time, call recording, caller location and more. ARTIC will also capture details on how your team are working, like how many calls were answered or missed, average talk times, times spent on break and more.

ARTIC will also take care of any scaling required for your business. With normal call queuing setups you need as many phone lines as you have callers. With ARTIC all your callers wait in the cloud and not your phone system, so you will only ever need as many phone lines as you have agents taking calls. Extend the lifespan of your existing hardware by letting ARTIC handle the load, or do away with your phone system all together and let ARTIC pass calls through SIP to simple handsets or softphone software on your PC. 

These five SIMPLE steps can get you started

Step One

AVANSER will help you map your call centre. In this stage we determine which of your teams will be speaking with your customers and how many queues you need for customers to reach your teams.



Define and decide which of your teams will be handling your calls.


Identify the agents that belong to each of your teams.


Plan the number of queues you would like your callers to funnel through and which team should handle calls.

Step Two

AVANSER then helps you design a call flow for your customers to reach your queues. We have a wide range of call routing available to ensure your customers have seamless experience.


By Caller Selection

IVR and Pin Based Routes put your caller in control. It lets your customers pick the team they want to speak with, identify their customer ID, or the product code they want to talk about.

By Day

Do you have teams that aren’t available everyday or special days in the year that should handled differently? Direct your customers through different call funnels depending on the day they call.

By Time

Make sure your customers get through to the right person at the right time. Schedule your operating hours so callers aren’t left waiting when no one is available to take their call.


By Location

Are you a multi-site business or have teams managing different zones ? Postcode prompting and exchange based routing allow you to funnel callers into different teams based on the caller’s location.

Step Three

AVANSER gets everything ready for you to start taking calls.


We Configure Your Flow

AVANSER Support will configure and set up the call flow to your specification.


We Test With You

We work with you to make sure the setup matches your expectation.


We Train Your Team

Once the setup and testing is complete, we will train your team to use the system.

Step four

Once your setup is complete, your agents can start taking calls from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Set your phone number

After logging into the AVANSER portal, set your phone number in your user settings. This is the number that you will receive inbound calls on, and make outbound calls on. ARTIC lets you use any phone number you like, and allows you to change numbers whenever you need to.

Login to the queue

Once your phone number is set, head into the ARTIC menu in the AVANSER portal and click the login button on your agent assistant. You are ready to go.

cloud based call centre

Start talking to customers

As soon as you are logged in, calls will start funnelling to you. To ensure even distribution of work, callers will be directed to agents who have been waiting the longest for a call.

Step five

Monitor your teams to ensure KPIs are being met and customers are getting the best experience.

Monitor your team live

Anywhere you have an internet connection you will be able to see what all your team members are engaged with in real time.

Report on agent activity

Gauge your team's performance with ARTIC's dashboard reporting. Know how many calls your teams have handled, and what their benchmark call handling times are.

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