Your agents will never be surprised by reports from their supervisor at the end of the day. Agent Metrics allow agents to see their individual stats in real time, giving them the opportunity to see ahead of time if they are on track to hitting their KPIs or if they need to pull some last minute hustle to get over the line.
Supervisors no longer need to spend large amounts of time reporting on their team's calls. With ARTIC's reporting at their finger tips, supervisors can leverage real time data to spend more time focusing on their team to delivery better outcomes for your customers.
ARTIC's real time data let's Call Centre Managers see everything that is happening as it happens. Complete with call tracking data.


Easily manage all your call performance and customer experience using cloud-based call centre solutions. View all phone calls in real-time with an interactive, simple, and intuitive dashboard.


Agent View will give agents the ability to have full visibility to manage their time and performance to meet their KPIs. ARTIC provides each agent full control to access and view their own call data and statistics. ​


Supervisor View provides visual for Supervisors to see a summary view of all Agents in their team. The Real-Time Agent Reporting enables Supervisors to see precisely how their team are performing at any time.


The Manager View provides the capability to drill the data down to the lowest level or select an overall view of the whole organization. The real time data allows them to react swiftly to situations by changing queue parameters almost immediately with ease. 


As part of the AVANSER platform ARTIC comes fully loaded with Call Tracking capabilities. Call Tracking allows you to understand not just how your call was managed through ARTIC but what marketing drove them to call your business in the first place. Tracking every inbound call will enable you to make better-informed decisions, easily evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns plus deliver real-time business intelligence on internal systems and processes. These capabilities include:

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Clever tracking code embedded on your website changes the phone number displayed depending on the lead source of the visitor. When the visitor makes a call the advertising medium, source of the visit, and even the keyword they entered to find your business is attributed to the call. All of this integrates seamlessly back into Google Analytics and Google Ads to give your marketing team invaluable insights into the performance of your advertising.

cloud contact centre solutions


Track traditional offline media as well as online digital media to uncover exactly which marketing channels are driving your calls. Track Yellow Pages, Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Google, Bing, PPC, Affiliates, brochures, infographics and newsletters. Analyse your call analytics to determine which campaigns and channels are generating real revenue.


In addition to capturing a wealth of data about where your calls originated and how they were handled, ARTIC can integrate your data to where it will have the most impact. Add calls to your CRM to know the complete call history of your customers, and get your marketing data into Google Analytics and dashboarding platforms to get the complete picture of where your leads are coming from. 

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